Quiz: Name Every WWE Champion

141 Title Changes, eight minutes to get them all! Good luck!

On this day in 1963, Bruno Sammartino won the then-WWWF Championship in just 48 seconds. 

May 17, 1963, was the start of a record reign with the Championship, as Sammartino would hold the belt for 2,803 days, not losing the Title until 1971. It is still, by far, the longest stint with WWE's top Title. 

Overall, 53 different Superstars have held the WWWF/WWF/WWE Championship in the promotion. While other 'World' Titles have come and gone in the company, the WWE Title remains the top belt and, therefore, only the very top of the pile have had the opportunity to hold it. 

But how many of them can you remember? 

Today's quiz is asking you to name every single WWE Champion. There are 141 title switches between those 53 men, and you have eight minutes to get them all! 

Good luck, and let us know on social media how you do! 

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