Quiz: Name The WWE Double Champions

40 names, seven minutes. Best of luck!

It's always nice to win one Championship. But imagine carrying around two! 

Only a host of WWE Superstars have been given the opportunity to be a multiple champion, carrying around two of the company's biggest titles at one time, but how many of them can you remember? 

Try today's quiz and see how many you can get right. There are 40 names we're looking for, with a seven minute time-limit. 

Oh, and remember, we're only looking for the names that were double champions. So, when Chris Jericho lugged around two title belts in early 2002, that doesn't count because he was technically only the Undisputed Heavyweight Champion. 

Also, to what we're sure will be huge protests from the man himself and WWE, we've also excluded Adam Cole for his joint North American and NXT Tag Team Title reigns, because he wasn't actually involved in the match where The Undisputed Era won the Tag Team Belts. Don't like it? Our quiz, our rules. 

Anyway - let us know how you get on via social media!

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Mitch Waddon

Written by Mitch Waddon

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