Quiz: Steve Austin's WWE Pay-Per-View Opponents

Austin celebrates his birthday this weekend

This weekend will see the iconic 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin celebrate his birthday. 

Saturday 18 December will see The Rattlesnake mark his 57th birthday. 

Austin is one of a very few number of wrestlers who have stuck to their retirement, with the WWE Hall Of Famer wanting to avoid doing lasting permanent damage to himself after sustaining a host of serious injuries during his career. 

His time at the top of the wrestling mountain may not have been the longest, but Austin's legacy in the-then WWF cannot be argued. 

Austin's pay-per-view debut in WWE came at the Royal Rumble in 1996. With his last being at WrestleMania in 2003, can you name the superstars Austin faced on pay-per-view? 

There are 103 names to get, with a 15 minute time-limit. Let us know how you get on!

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