R-Truth Reveals Stephanie McMahon Created His WWE Name

A new name from Stephanie

After spending five years with TNA Wrestling, Ron Killings returned to WWE in early 2008. 

Speaking on the Notsam Wrestling Podcast, R-Truth revealed Stephanie McMahon didn't want him to use his old WWE Name K-Kwik upon his return, though, and she ultimately created R-Truth.

"It was me, Vince and Stephanie [McMahon], they gave me a list of names, we tried to come up with a name. Steph said 'You shouldn't go back to K-Kwik, that's the old you, you're a different person now, you're matured.' We had a list of R names and Vince wanted to go with an R so we had a list of R names and Steph said 'R-Truth?' And Vince was coming out of his office and he said 'R-Truth? I like that, what's the R for?' We just laughed and I said do it, R-Truth and that was it. It was in the spur of the moment cause I was going to debut that night," Killings revealed.

Ron Killings previously referred to himself as 'The Truth' during his time in TNA. 

R-Truth has remained with WWE since his second debut in 2008 and he has become a two-time United States Champion, one-time tag team champion and 53-time 24/7 Champion, among other accolades.

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