R-Truth Reveals WWE Personnel Had A Bet On If He Could 'Pop' Brock Lesnar

Truth got a laugh out of Lesnar

R-Truth has revealed that a number of WWE talent and officials had a bet on whether he could make Brock Lesnar laugh during their segment together in January 2020.

R-Truth and then WWE champion Lesnar met in the middle of the ring for a promo segment in January 2020 where Truth declared, and then undeclared, for the Royal Rumble. Truth would make Lesnar laugh in the promo as he thought he would be going up against Paul Heyman, not Lesnar.

Speaking to Ryan Satin on Out of Character, Truth reflected: "The thing about that is they didn't want Brock to know what I was going to say. I'm like, 'I feel like, personally, Brock should know what I'm going to say.' Paul was like, 'No Truth, we got a bet going, we want to see if you can make him laugh. Can you pop Brock?' I said, 'I can make him laugh, but I want him to laugh in a happy way. I don't want him to turn into Brock Brock.'

"I agreed to it and when I saw Brock starting to hold his laugh in. I knew he was going to laugh when I hit the Paul Heyman line because he thought I was talking about him. When I hit it and he laughed, I did all I could to not laugh. Laughing is infectious. When Brock laughed, I tried my best to hold it and I was holding it as much I could. That was one of my best moments.

"When we got to the back, me and Brock hugged and he was like, 'that was funny. You're funny!' It was a good moment, a good TV segment."

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