Raquel Rodriguez Thinks Women Will Main Event A Future WWE Saudi Arabia Show

Raquel Rodriguez wants to see WWE’s women in the main event in Saudi Arabia

WWE’s annual shows in Saudi Arabia have been highly controversial and have drawn vast amounts of criticism from the wrestling and non-wrestling worlds. However, with WWE promoting the first-ever women’s wrestling matches in the country, it could be argued from a PR perspective that the shows are creating positive change.

Now WWE star Raquel Rodriguez wants to go one better and wants to see WWE’s women headlining a Saudi show, telling NBC Sports Boston:

"Yes, yes I do [think WWE’s women can headline a show in Saudi Arabia]. I was very excited about the last trip they took to Saudi Arabia because they took so many women with them and we had so much of our women’s roster representing over there. It was so great. So yeah, I think women are gonna main event one of these Crown Jewel events for sure."

After promoting the first women’s match in the country in 2019, WWE went one further earlier in 2022, promoting a women’s Elimination Chamber match in February.

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