Raven's Flock Reunion Takes Place On IMPACT Wrestling

WCW stable Raven’s Flock had a mini reunion on IMPACT Wrestling TV

Raven’s Flock was one of the more unusual acts during WCW’s glory days, as the influential former ECW World Champion and his cohorts of misfits gave Monday Nitro a large injection of 90s grunge nihilism.

And now it seems, The Flock has returned. Kinda.

Raven has been working with IMPACT Wrestling as of late, with the former TNA/NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion inducted into the IMPACT Hall of Fame at Bound For Glory 2022. On the February 2 edition of IMPACT Wrestling, Raven was once again in the building, attempting to convince IMPACT Director of Authority Santino Marella to make him World Champion. Out of nowhere, former Flock member Ron Reese appeared, asking Raven if the notorious group were back together.

Unfortunately for big Ron, Raven turned him down with a withering “Calm down Yeti”, reminding Reese of his days as WCW’s infamous Ye-tay, with Reese later admitting that Raven hurts his feelings when he’s mean, and that sometimes he cries at night.

Other members of the Flock were not around for this interaction, and it remains to be seen if the likes of Billy Kidman, Perry Saturn, or Sick Boy would have also been reduced to tears by Raven’s mean-spirited ways.

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Written by Jack Atkins

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