Raven Terrified About Watching His IMPACT Hall Of Fame Induction

Raven was inducted to the IMPACT Hall of Fame at Bound For Glory 2022

Bound for Glory 2022 saw Raven become the latest inductee to the IMPACT Hall of Fame, with the ECW legend having reigned as the TNA/NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion early in the promotion’s lifetime.

Raven received the honour during BFG’s pre-show, and as he revealed on the Raven Effect podcast, he is ‘terrified’ of watching his induction back:

“So the [IMPACT Wrestling] Hall of Fame, there I was, the Hall of Fame. What do you wanna know about it? They gave me a plaque of sorts. It was one of those CableACE Award plaques,” said Raven. “So I got there Friday night, I run into Jimmy Jacobs. He goes, ‘You know, you got about eight minutes for this thing. Eight, nine minutes, 13 for the whole segment.’ I go, ‘What!? I expected a minute.’ He goes, ‘Nah. You got like eight, nine minutes. If you need less, you can do less.’ ‘All right.’ So I didn’t think about it that night because I didn’t want to be up all night thinking of spots to write in so I waited until I got to the show and double checked - plus I wanted to double check - and so I got there and they go, ‘Yeah, you got eight, nine minutes.’ I was like, ‘All right,’ so I just started writing it and I wrote it out in one draft. One draft which a bunch of — well luckily my pen was erasable…

“I never had time to memorise it but I feel like I memorised a good deal of it, more than I thought I could… So anyway, I haven’t watched it back yet. I’m terrified of watching it back because I’m like, I love what I wrote but… I’m extremely critical of my work.”

Raven was inducted by long-time rival Tommy Dreamer, with Raven hitting his old foe with an Even Flow DDT for good measure:

“That’s the worst DDT [that I did on Tommy Dreamer] but the best ending to a Hall of Fame. But you know what I like about it though? Is I brought up all my issues, and I feel like it was funny without Raven being Scott Levy, you know what I mean? And one of my favourite parts though was aye, I loved Dreamer’s speech. It was amazing. I think it’s one of the best things he’s ever done which I told him and he started laughing going, ‘That’s only because it’s about you.’ I go, ‘No.’ I really thought it was one of the best things he’s ever done, great promo and it was his idea for me to snub him when he walks over to shake my hand and I snubbed him. I didn’t want to at first because I was afraid it would give away the finish, but it didn’t at all,” continued Raven.

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