Reason Alexa Bliss Didn't Talk During Her Own "Press Conference" On WWE Raw Revealed

Former Women's Champion is under the weather...

During this week's episode of WWE Raw, the head of the women's division Alexa Bliss hosted what was billed as a press conference with questions supposedly coming from the fans inside the arena.

As the segment began, Little Miss Bliss made her way down to the ring and looked like she was just about to begin speaking before she was cut off by Nia Jax's music. The challenger for Ronda Rousey's Raw Women's Championship this Sunday at the TLC pay-per-view then cut a really long promo, where she said she was going to make the Rowdy one tap out by punching her in the head over and over again.

The way the segment was built up with Bliss very much at the centre of the proceedings felt a little bit strange when compared to the way it actually played out. However, thanks to Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, we now know why we didn't see what was initially billed.

Here's what Dave had to say on the matter: "Bliss had a bad cold and a very weak voice. She was supposed to have a long promo on the show but the decision was made for her not to speak which is why they sent her out there for a segment she was supposed to carry, that Jax ended up carrying, and she just left before the interaction with Rousey started."

Those who follow Bliss on Instagram will have seen the former Women's Champion a little Disturbed over the last little while, as she's clearly been Down With The Sickness.

There's a chance that something is going around the WWE locker rooms at the moment as earlier this week it was also revealed that Finn Balor was sent home early from the company's South American tour due to illness.

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