Reason For Odd Backstage Interviews On AEW Collision Revealed

Work or shoot (or both)?

There were a couple of odd backstage interviews on this past Saturday's episode of AEW Collision. 

According to a report from Fightful Select, one was unintentional while the other was not. 

In the first, a spot at the beginning of a Keith Lee promo made air that wasn't supposed to, with a backstage production person visible in the shot saying "Collision, take 22" before clapping his hands to signal they were ready to begin filming. 

Responding to the clip on X (formerly Twitter), WWE Hall of Famer Eric Bischoff wrote "WTF? This can't possibly be legit". The error was widely mocked on social media platforms. 

Well, it was legit, though AEW attempted to remedy the situation later on during Ricky Starks and Big Bill's backstage interview. This time, a visible production person was shooed away by Big Bill, who told him to "get out of the shot, bro". 

Per Fightful, this was to cover up for the previous snafu. 

Speaking of AEW Collision mistakes, ring announcer Dasha Gonzalez recently commented on her "worst mix-up", which took place on the debut edition of the show. 

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