Reason Triple H Wasn't Named Executive Director Of Either WWE Raw Or SmackDown Live Reportedly Revealed

It wasn't time to play the game this time...

Last week, the wrestling world almost imploded after it was revealed that Paul Heyman was named the Executive Director of Monday Night Raw, and Eric Bischoff the Executive Director of SmackDown Live.

Both men are said to be fronting up their respective shows behind the scenes, reporting directly to Vince McMahon.

At the time of the announcement, conflicting reports emerged surrounding the status of Triple H. Some sources claimed he was offered one of the roles before turning it down, while others claimed he wasn't offered anything at all as part of the shakeup.

Those over at Wrestling Observer Radio have been speaking about Triple H's status as part of the restructuring, with Dave Meltzer suggesting The Game was spared just in case things went wrong and he looked bad because of it.

Meltzer said it was "very telling" that HHH didn't land one of the roles since he knows the product and talent better than anyone else working for WWE today.

However (via 411mania), the decision could have been made because "there was a fear that if he (Triple H) failed with Smackdown publicly, particularly with the upcoming move to FOX, it would look bad. So by not giving him the job, it was protecting him in a way."

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