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Recent WWE Releases Reportedly Ruin WWE 2K22 DLC Plans

The releases could even change 2K's current model for WWE 2K22

The recent string of heavy releases from WWE have reportedly drastically effected 2K's plans for downloadable content for the upcoming WWE 2K22 video game.

According to Michael Straw of Sports Gamer Online, at least four recently released NXT superstars had been slated to be included in DLC  - content that is released following the game's initial release - for WWE 2K22, with former North American Champion Bronson Reed anticipated to be the centre-piece inclusion for one particular DLC pack.

WWE's new policy of continuously reviewing their roster and conducting releases have left 2K scrambling in terms of plans for their WWE 2K22 roster. The report goes on to say that at least two DLC packages have been scrapped over the last four months as a result of WWE's actions.

The extent of the releases have left 2K considering a change in their strategy for WWE 2K22, with the developer reportedly considering moving away from DLCs and instead offering a roster update 'service'.

These 'roster updates' would mimic the updates for traditional sports games, such as the FIFA franchise. When new superstars or updated gimmicks are introducd for WWE superstars on television, the producer would release these updates as free content for WWE 2K22 players throughout the game's lifecycle.

2K Sports are reportedly eager to rebuild some good will with their fan base and hope that this can be achieved by regular roster updates, provided for free, to ensure players have access to the most recent WWE roster possible.

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