Renee Paquette Reveals Why She Signed With AEW

Renee Paquette details signing with AEW

As expected, Renee Paquette made her All Elite Wrestling debut on Wednesday's edition of Dynamite from Toronto, Canada. The former WWE commentator conducted interviews throughout the show and Tony Khan confirmed she has signed with the promotion. 

Taking to her 'The Sessions' podcast, Paquette revealed why she signed with AEW. 

"It's missing being around professional wrestling. It's missing that TV aspect of doing things. I miss the crowds, I miss the lights, the outfits, and the aspect of putting on an actual show. I'm ready to get out of my f*cking sweatpants is what I'm saying," Paquette said. 

Paquette then delved into her negotiations with AEW, revealing that much of the talks were with husband Jon Moxley. 

"As much as I have been around a lot, I never really talked to Tony (Khan) about coming into AEW. A lot of it was, this is probably going to sound bad and I'm sure people are going to take this out of context, but honestly, a lot of it was talking to Jon. 'Man, I want to get back into...I want to be back in the wrestling world. I miss doing stuff.' As he's thinking about what the shows look like and his role, most of our conversations were internally between Jon and I about figuring out that I want to do something and come back," she continued.

"What that conversation is, how are we going to go about that? Him and Tony are obviously very close. They spend tons of time talking about things. It was more so them talking about it because I think a lot of people thought I was sort of done with wrestling to a degree, and maybe they didn't want to ask me to do something that they thought I didn't want to do or they didn't want to step on Jon's toes. Those are all very real things. It was just the timing of everything. I want to be there as a broadcaster, as a personality, I want to be able to help other people if they want or need help. I want to be an ear for people any way that I can and use my eight years of experience having worked in WWE to see how I can help in AEW.

"It all happened really fast. All of a sudden, Jon and I had been talking about it and it felt like the next day, my manager is calling me, 'They're reaching out, the contract is coming through.' Wow, that was a quick turnaround."

Prior to being in AEW, Paquette worked for WWE from 2012 until the summer of 2020 as Renee Young. She was on WWE TV in a multitude of roles from backstage interviewer to commentator. 

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