Renee Young Joins WWE Raw Commentary Team Permanently

Jonathan Coachman is no more...

Renee Young has become the first woman to join the WWE Raw commentary team on a full-time basis. The now-former backstage reporter will replace Jonathan Coachman, who in turn will take up one of Renee's old positions as the host of pre-show panels immediately before WWE pay-per-views. Michael Cole and Corey Graves remain in their respective roles.

In recent times, Young has filled in for Coachman while he has been out "on assignment" and has provided a bit of calm and class to a team that was rapidly spiralling out of control. Many times each week, arguments that simply didn't matter between Messrs Cole, Graves and Coachman would overshadow the action happening in the ring. Thankfully, however, Young has managed to keep her colleagues in line on her outings thus far.

There has been clamour within the WWE Universe to get Renee a more prominent role on television for some time. Joining WWE all the way back in 2012, she has served as a backstage reporter on all three of the company's main brands, as well as hosting many PPV kick-off shows and making sporadic appearances on commentary in NXT, or at the Mae Young Classics. Frankly, her talents far surpassed the roles she was fulfilling, and thankfully she now has the platform to let rip, if you will.

Young's full-time role as a commentator begins on tonight's Raw, an episode that will see Ronda Rousey and Natalya square off against Alexa Bliss and Alicia Fox, Triple H respond to The Undertaker, and former GM Mick Foley return.

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