Report: AEW-IMPACT Wrestling Relationship Still 'Golden' Despite Sammy Guevara Incident

Guevara's actions haven't earned him any praise, however...

All Elite Wrestling's working relationship with IMPACT Wrestling is reported to have suffered no issues despite the recent documented issue with Sammy Guevara.

Guevara had been planned to work a short storyline at the tapings this past week in order to build on his departure from The Inner Circle, but reports suggested that the 27-year-old rescheduled his flight to Nashville for the recordings to just a few hours before they began, before texting IMPACT officials that he did not want to do the agreed-upon idea. 

At this point, Guevara was written out of the show by IMPACT, with Slam Wrestling suggesting that his behaviour has earned him heat with AEW Officials.

Having only recently begun their working relationship, such an incident would be sure to cause concern between AEW and IMPACT Wrestling, but PWInsider reports that there are no issues between the two companies. 

IMPACT sources are reported to have indicated that there is no problem with AEW and are quoted as describing the relationship as 'golden'.

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