Report: AEW Wrestlers "Yelled At" Backstage

Safety first...

During All Elite Wrestling's short history, there have been a few scary moments on TV where wrestlers haven't been caught properly during dives.

Officials in AEW were seemingly unhappy about what was happening on TV and Bryan Alvarez reported on Wrestling Observer Radio that people in the promotion were "yelled at" after another wrestler wasn't caught properly. When the incident took place is currently unknown. 

Alvarez said: "On the same page, if you're going to do dives, and especially in AEW, we have seen so many people crash and burn on these dives because - I don't even know why but it was like a problem. In fact, I know at least some people got yelled at for it after one show. But, you've got to catch people... So, if you're going to do dives people have got to catch."

While wrestlers in the company were yelled at for their execution of dive spots, commentator Jim Ross recently criticised AEW talent for using a particular spot during multi-man matches.

JR said: "So I told a kid in AEW, I said, 'Everybody does the same f*****g spot. All you guys get outside. You cluster up like quail. You stand there in the huddle friends and foes together side-by-side so that you can catch some leaping idiot going over the top who never wins with this move. They don't get an advantage with this move... The 'Holy s**t' chant is what got that going I think. They love to hear that, 'Holy s**t. Holy s**t.' 'This is awesome.' It's a spot folks. It's a trapeze act... I don't buy into that."

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