Report: AEW Yet To Present Creative Plans To Miro

Still no sign of Miro on AEW TV

Despite having a super dominant run as ‘God’s Favourite Champion’ with the TNT Title in 2021, Miro has been noticeably absent from AEW for the majority of 2022, with ‘The Redeemer’ wrestling only four times this year.

Miro was last seen at All Out in September, and despite reports stating the Bulgarian is healthy, he just hasn’t been used, with a report from Fightful Select stating that no creative plans have been presented to Miro.

The report further states that there were plans to have creative meetings with Miro in AEW after his return in June, but these haven’t occurred yet, with Miro said to be eager to return to the ring.

Miro’s absence is a constant bone of contention for some sections of the AEW fanbase, with online chatter criticising the company for their handling of the former WWE star. Miro himself was the subject of WWE return rumours after Triple H took over creative in the wake of Vince McMahon’s absence, but these ultimately amounted to nothing more than rumours.

Miro is believed to be signed to AEW through 2026.

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