Report: Japanese Wrestling Promotions Are Concerned About WWE Creating NXT Japan

A dramatic change to the wrestling landscape...

Earlier this week, All Japan Pro-Wrestling announced General Manager Jun Akiyama will travel to Orlando, Florida in May to work as a guest coach at the WWE Performance Center. During his 10-day visit, Akiyama will also take in an episode of NXT, and have a meeting with Triple H. 

One of The Game's ambitions for 2020 is to take the next step in his "global localisation" strategy with the creation of NXT Japan. To do so, WWE is looking to purchase or work with an existing promotion in The Land Of The Rising Sun, and have identified AJPW as a potential partner.  

Dave Meltzer reported in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that WWE's ambitions have caused widespread concern in Japanese Wrestling promotions, as many fear they won't be able to compete with WWE and will subsequently go out of business. Concern is particularly high at the moment as smaller promotions are financially weaker from having to cancel shows as a result of the coronavirus.  

For the avoidance of doubt, Meltzer penned: "Right now in Japan there is a lot of concern across the board about WWE entering the marketplace, particularly now when all but the top companies are vulnerable because of being unable to run shows due to the coronavirus. The idea is that if WWE makes the move soon, most companies will be in a weakened state financially and will have more trouble competing and surviving." 

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