Report: Kairi Sane's Injury At WWE Raw Tapings Was Not Nia Jax's Fault

Also an update on Kairi Sane...

At Tuesday's Raw tapings it emerged that Kairi Sane suffered a head injury during a match with Nia Jax. The Pirate Princess suffered a deep cut after she was thrown into the steel steps by Nia and hit her head on the corner of the stairs. The match was immediately paused so Sane could receive treatment and she was deemed well enough to finish the match. 

Given her history, many automatically assumed Nia Jax was at fault for the incident but Dave Meltzer reported on Wrestling Observer Radio that Kairi's injury was not The Facebreaker's fault. People at the Performance Center Meltzer has spoken to said Sane took the bump on her side to avoid hitting her head, but she still hit the corner of the steps. The former NXT Women's Champion may have also stumbled after being Irish Whipped by Jax.  

Meltzer did note that Sane "was knocked silly" by the incident but it is still to be determined whether or not she suffered a concussion.

Meltzer said: "Everyone who I talked to has said that no one is blaming Nia Jax. This was not Nia Jax's fault even though other things have been, and basically Kairi Sane got whipped into the ring steps. One person said that she may have stumbled but she was trying to take it on her side. She did take it on her side. Her head did hit the steps. One person told me she was in control of her bump and she made it look too good. Anyway, she was trying to avoid hitting her head on the steps, her head hit the steps, she was bloodied up, she was knocked silly. She's okay. Now, okay doesn't necessarily mean she doesn't have a concussion. I don't know if she does or she doesn't."  

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