Report: Latest On Sasha Banks & Naomi's WWE Returns

What's the latest on Sasha Banks and Naomi?

While they have yet to resurface on WWE TV, Sasha Banks and Naomi are still expected to make their returns to the company, Dave Meltzer reported on Sunday Night's Main Event

"I mean, everyone expects that they're in. It's just a question of which week they want to debut them. So since they are not in the tournament, I'm guessing that it's gonna be the finals of the tournament or right after the finals that they show up. That's kind of how I'm reading it now. I guess they just felt it wasn't good to put them in the tournament itself. I think that they want to stagger these new [and returning] people coming in. Sasha and Naomi are obviously the biggest ones they can bring in, so you don't need to do it in week one. Everybody seems to think that they're in, it's just a question of which week," Meltzer said. 

Banks and Naomi have not appeared on WWE TV since they walked out of a Monday Night Raw taping on May 16 due to a creative dispute with Vince McMahon. They were then suspended and stripped of the Women's Tag Team Championships.

Vince McMahon has since retired from WWE and it was noted that the organisation's new management planned to try and reconcile with the tag team, an effort which was seemingly successful. 

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