Report: MJF Tells WWE Talent He "Can't Wait" To Join The Company

MJF Has Reportedly Told A WWE Talent That He "Can't Wait" To Join WWE

The future of MJF in AEW has been something talked about both in and outside of storyline. The whole “bidding war of 2024” has been brought up a fair few times by MJF, in reference to his expiring contract next year, and the potential bidding war between WWE and AEW to acquire his services. Although it has been heavily talked about on AEW programming, a recent report indicates that it may still be more than just a storyline. 

A report from Fightful Select has revealed that MJF has been talking to talent in WWE, “with one WWE talent outright admitting that MJF said ‘I'm looking forward to being there in 2024,’ before noting that while MJF wanted them to think he was serious, they take it with a grain of salt.” 

This could well be a top tier way of keeping up kayfabe from MJF, though saying things like this behind closed doors could mean there is an element of truth. The report from Fightful Select does also state that there is no confirmation from any party about when exactly MJF’s contract expires and whether or not a further extension has yet been signed.

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Written by Andrew Kelly