Report: Most Key AEW Talents Under Long-Term Deals

The contract status of several AEW talents have been under the microscope

The contract status of several key AEW talents has the been the topic of much discussion recently, both in the wake of TripleH taking over WWE creative, and due to the ongoing saga of MJF and Tony Khan.

It was speculated by some fans that several AEW talents could jump ship to WWE, with the likes of Adam Cole, Andrade El Idolo, and Malakai Black singled out. Regarding AEW contracts, Dave Meltzer shed some more light on the deals for several top stars, saying the following in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter:

“Regarding the contract situations, most of the key talent is under deals for a lengthy period of time. The original cast mostly signed three year deals with two year options, meaning the Young Bucks, Adam Page, etc., would be under contract until the end of 2023. In theory, MJF’s deal ends the same time but obviously everyone is quiet on his front. The one exception we know of is Kenny Omega, who signed a four-year deal on February 1, 2019. So his deal would in theory be up in February. 

“However, as noted last week, AEW has extended contracts based on people being out of action for a lengthy period of time. AEW has the contractual right to extend Omega’s contract for roughly another nine months, or around November, although there is no indication one way or another if that was to happen.”

Extending a contract due to prolonged inactivity is commonplace in WWE, and in the case of AEW, it has already been revealed that Tony Khan has enacted automatic one-year renewals on several deals, such is the case with Brian Cage.

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