Report: Original Plans For Opening & Main Event Segments On WWE Raw Revealed

Changes were made "late in the day"...

Monday Night Raw kicked off 2021 with Raw Legends Night and the likes of Ric Flair, Sgt. Slaughter, Mickie James and Hulk Hogan all appeared during the broadcast. 

The show opened with a backstage segment where The Hulkster performed his usual catchphrases with the HPhone, an iPhone with a Hulk Hogan case. 

According to Mike Johnson of PWInsider, this wasn't the original plan for the opening segment. Raw was initially scheduled to begin with an-ring promo from Hogan but WWE decided to go with the backstage skit instead.

The Immortal One and Ric Flair were also involved in the production meeting ahead of Monday's broadcast. 

Jeff Hardy vs. Randy Orton was the scheduled main event, but the company decided "late in the day" that Keith Lee vs. Drew McIntyre would be the last match and to end the show with Goldberg's return and WWE Championship challenge to The Scottish Psychopath. 

Furthermore, Goldberg's return was kept secret. The WWE Hall Of Famer was hidden backstage ahead of his entrance and he was not included in the show's script.

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