Report: Original WWE Plans For Rob Gronkowski Revealed

He would have wrestled more than once...

Earlier this week, Rob Gronkowski left WWE after an 83-day run in the company. The three-time Super Bowl Champion's signing generated major mainstream media coverage for the wrestling behemoth, but Gronk failed to endear himself to fans from the moment he debuted on Friday Night SmackDown. 

Gronkowski wasn't expected to wrestle much in WWE as he previously said he only wanted to have one match, but Dave Meltzer revealed in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that Gronk would have competed multiple times in 2020. His WWE deal called for him to wrestle at SummerSlam at the TD Garden in Boston, Massachusetts before going on a brief hiatus ahead of a match at the November or December pay-per-view in Saudi Arabia. 

The Gronkosaurus decided to return to the NFL instead, however, and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers forbade him from wrestling while he was an active player. 

Gronkowski could return to WWE in the future after he retires from the NFL, but he won't be able to appear in another wrestling promotion for the next few years as WWE added a clause to his contract which prevents him from working elsewhere during the length of his original deal.   

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