Bobby Lashley Doesn't Think His WWE Storyline With Rusev Had A Proper Conclusion

They had one of WWE's longest-running storylines in recent memory...

One of WWE's longest-running storylines in recent years was Rusev's feud with Bobby Lashley and Lana from September 2019 until February 2020. WWE let the tension and animosity build between Rusev and The All Mighty until they eventually went one on one at the TLC pay-per-view. To the surprise of many, however, Lashley picked up the win.

The two Superstars faced other three more times in singles and tag team action, but The Bulgarian Brute failed to defeat his nemesis and the storyline was dropped after Rusev was pulled from TV because of a contract dispute with WWE. 

Lashley recently sat down for an interview with Stephanie Chase at Digital Spy and said he doesn't think his rivalry with Rusev had a proper conclusion and he regrets that they weren't able to have a match where the babyface made him pay for all the torment he put him through.

The former Intercontinental Champion said: "I don't think it had a proper conclusion. I think there was so much we could do. We had a full head of steam, people wanted Rusev to rip my arms off and beat me with them."

"I really don't know what happened to tell you the truth," he later added. "I think we were at the point where the revenge needed to happen and it didn't. I don't know where we could have went or where we were going to go with it. I just wish that I could have had the match that I wanted to have with Rusev. I've seen him in some great matches and I think I could have had one with him."

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