Report: Parents Of Izzy Initiated Booing Of MSK In WWE NXT

Sabotaging the tag team

While MSK are presented as babyfaces on WWE NXT and have plenty of high-flying moves in their arsenal, the NXT Tag Team Champions have often been booed on the Tuesday night show. 

Rumours on social media and Reddit have claimed for months that the boos aren't organic and instead originate from a small group of NXT fans who are trying to sabotage the tag team. 

Those reports have now gone a step further, claiming that the boos directed at MSK were initiated by the parents of wrestling superfan and aspiring entertainer Izzy, and their close friends. It is suggested that the issues stem from Nash Carter criticising the decision to allow Izzy to take a Chokeslam bump at an independent wrestling event in 2018.

Dave Meltzer has since confirmed on Wrestling Observer Radio that this is the reason for MSK being booed on WWE's developmental show. 

"I got a couple of versions of it but the version going around is basically correct... There are people there, including the parents of Izzy, who are mad because in 2018, Zachary Wentz before he was Nash Carter when he was an independent wrestler and others, including Lance Storm and Chelsea Green, made comments that were negative about Izzy taking a Chokeslam at an independent show.

"So he shows up in NXT and her parents start the crowd to go against them and they've got a lot of friends. Everyone knows everyone. There's like 200 people there and they are pretty much all invited and it's the same people every week."

Izzy first rose to prominence in wrestling as the Bayley superfan on NXT. The story has also been corroborated by Bodyslam.net and WrestlingNews.co.

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