Report: Pro Wrestling Legend Rejected WWE Draft Appearance

A former multi-time world champion was busy for the WWE Draft

The 2023 WWE Draft saw an array of special guest appearances over Raw and SmackDown, with the likes of Booker T, Queen Sharmell, Road Dogg, Shawn Michaels, RVD, JBL, Teddy Long, Michael Hayes, and Eric Bischoff all making cameos to announce the picks for the Draft. 

There was another man who was asked to be a part of the festivities, though he was unable to make it, and that was multi-time world champion and Olympic Gold Medallist Kurt Angle. When talking on his ‘Kurt Angle Show’ podcast, he revealed that he turned down an offer to be at the show. 

"I was asked to do it and I couldn't, unfortunately. I wish I could have. I would have loved to be there and announce a draft pick, but unfortunately, I was busy that day and I couldn't do it."

Angle last appeared in WWE earlier this year at the Raw is XXX show, where he was involved in a segment involving both D-Generation X and Imperium, in which Angle filled the role of the absent Billy Gunn, who works in AEW.

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Written by Andrew Kelly