Report: Reason Vince McMahon Was Backstage At WWE Raw Revealed

Vince McMahon was back at WWE Raw on Monday night

For the first time since his WWE return in January 2023, Vince McMahon was backstage at Monday Night Raw.

Multiple reports noted the 77-year-old was at Raw on March 6 in Boston, Massachusetts. Several talents revealed to Fightful Select that McMahon "looked different" as he is now sporting a "little moustache" and has dyed his hair. McMahon was not back at Raw to run the taping and Fightful instead reported the WWE Executive Chairman was at the arena to spend time with John Cena. The pair were seen together by several wrestlers.

McMahon has visited Cena multiple times outside of WWE and the 16-time world champion was spotted at McMahon's birthday party in 2022. 

Initial reports that McMahon was backstage prompted speculation that he was once again in charge of WWE creative. The 77-year-old is reportedly not involved with WWE creative in an official capacity but Chief Content Officer Triple H has noted that he listens to suggestions from his father-in-law. 

McMahon returned to WWE in January 2023, forcing his way back onto the WWE Board of Directors before a restructured board elected him Executive Chairman. He is back to facilitate a sale of the organisation. 

An update on Vince McMahon's appearance backstage at WWE Raw can be found here.

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