Report: Reason Why RUSH Left AAA Revealed

Rush reportedly wasn't going to be paid enough to lose his hair in AAA

It emerged last week that RUSH and his father had parted ways with AAA, with the star stating in a Facebook post that he was now completely independent. His exit was a big deal considering he was set for a big match at TripleMania and a subsequent rumoured mask vs. hair match between him and L.A. Park down the line, which would have proven to be a big draw. 

It was reported by Dave Meltzer in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that a potential factor in RUSH walking away from AAA and this prospective major match was due to the stipulation itself. 

“Rush hasn’t been offered enough to lose his hair. AAA has not said anything after Rush went public saying he was leaving. They may be working to at least get Rush for the show and won’t say anything until they feel they have no chance to get him for the show. The public in Mexico, because of all the things that have been said, thinks Rush and Park want to do the match so the promoters, and this happened with CMLL years ago, are the bad guys for not putting it on. Of course neither will lose such a match without a payoff that doesn’t make economic sense in Mexico, plus Rush is under contract to AEW and they won’t want him losing his hair.”

Meltzer goes further into the potential backstage politics behind the situation, but it very much seems as though the issues regarding losing his hair could have well led to RUSH walking away.

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Written by Andrew Kelly