Report: Sasha Banks Unhappy About Scrapped WWE WrestleMania 38 Plans

Sasha Banks wasn't happy about WrestleMania 38 plans being changed

It appears Sasha Banks had been unhappy in WWE for some time prior to her and Naomi walking out of last week's episode of Monday Night Raw.  

Dave Meltzer reported on Wrestling Observer Radio that Banks was originally scheduled to face Charlotte Flair for the SmackDown Women's Championship at WrestleMania 38. However, The Blueprint ended up being replaced in that match with Ronda Rousey after WWE found out the UFC Hall Of Famer was ready to return, which made Banks "mad."

"Sasha has always had issues, she was mad that Ronda got the WrestleMania spot...it was planned for Sasha Banks and Charlotte Flair which was planned for months, I wrote about it. She got moved down and they gave her the tag belts as kinda like a concession because she got moved down. Okay, if you're looking at it from only Sasha's [side], they lied to me, right? They didn't know Ronda was going to agree to come back so soon after her pregnancy, but Ronda wanted to prove it because her mom did it and they also really wanted Ronda at WrestleMania because Ronda is the bigger star," Meltzer said.

"But to not understand that they picked Ronda ahead of you for WrestleMania and get mad about it...yes did they tell you, yes. Does that make you a good team player no? If you don't understand that Ronda is a much bigger star than you...for that show [WrestleMania] there's not a doubt Ronda is a much bigger star than Sasha Banks in that spot."

Banks and her tag team partner Naomi walked out of Raw on May 16 following a meeting with Vince McMahon in which neither side backed down. It was noted that Banks and Naomi were unhappy with the creative plans for their team and the women's tag division which would have seen the Women's Tag Team Titles be de-emphasised in the coming weeks in favour of Banks and Naomi unsuccessfully challenging for the Raw and SmackDown Women's Titles. Banks and Naomi's WWE contracts are also possibly expiring within the next two months and Naomi was reportedly in talks with the company over a new deal prior to walking out. 

Following Banks and Naomi's decision to go home, WWE stripped them of the Women's Tag Team Championships and it was announced on SmackDown that the pair had been suspended. Their merchandise was also pulled from WWE Shop. 

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