Report: Top WWE Name Calls John Laurinaitis "The Biggest Snake In The Business"

John Laurinaitis was let go by WWE last week

It emerged on Monday that John Laurinaitis is out of WWE, having been quietly let go by WWE last week. 

Laurinaitis had already been placed on administrative leave due to being linked to the allegations of sexual misconduct and hush payments surrounding Vince McMahon, with the 76-year-old having allegedly given one woman he was in a relationship "like a toy" to Laurinaitis. A $1.5 million nondisclosure agreement from 2012 involving Laurinaitis and an employee who accused him of misconduct had also been discovered in recent months. 

The reaction to Laurinaitis' exit was one of excitement within WWE, Fightful Select reported, as talent were happy they would not have to deal with Johnny Ace anymore. A top WWE name even referred to Laurinaitis as "the biggest snake in the business."

This follows earlier reports that Laurinaitis was not popular behind the scenes and the former Executive Vice President of Talent Relations being placed on administrative leave was previously celebrated in WWE, while a female talent noted they would rather receive their belongings in a trash bag than have to deal with him again. 

While Laurinaitis is no longer with WWE, he is still receiving emails that include "sensitive information pertaining to creative, and personnel." It was noted by Fightful, however, that his email address may no longer be active. 

Prior to his firing, Laurinaitis had been with WWE since 2001 and was a close confidante of Vince McMahon. 

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