Report: Triple H-Cody Rhodes WWE Raw Interaction Inspired By Real-Life Backstage Confrontation

Bryan Danielson still influences WWE creative, it seems

A previous backstage incident was the inspiration for the interaction between Cody Rhodes and Triple H that closed out the May 22 edition of Monday Night Raw.

Cody was attacked by Brock Lesnar throughout the night on Raw this week and The American Nightmare eventually locked himself in his locker room and refused medical attention as he feared he had sustained a broken arm and WWE wouldn't clear him to wrestle at Night of Champions on May 27. 

Rhodes' actions prompted Triple H to enter the locker room in an attempt to convince Cody not to wrestle. The former Intercontinental Champion wasn't having any of it, however, and he pointed out that Triple H had worked injured in the past. Triple H didn't have a comeback to that and he resigned himself to Rhodes wrestling on Saturday as Raw went off the air. 

According to Bryan Alvarez on Wrestling Observer Live, the interaction was inspired by the real-life confrontation between Bryan Danielson (FKA Daniel Bryan) and Triple H from 2013. 

"This was actually the worked version of when Hunter stopped that Bryan Danielson match and Daniel Bryan wanted to fight him in the back where Hunter is trying to tell him, 'You can't do this.' And Cody is just furiously explaining, 'Bro, you did the same thing. You've done this 1000 times. What would you do?'" Alvarez stated.

The incident Alvarez referred to took place back in June 2013 when Daniel Bryan suffered a stinger during a No DQ Match against Randy Orton on Raw. Danielson lost feeling in both of his arms, at which point Triple H told the WWE medical team at ringside to end the match. Danielson's mentality was to continue wrestling and he was furious at the match being stopped which led to him trying to go nose-to-nose with Triple H when The American Dragon arrived backstage. 

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