Report: Triple H Considered Scrapping WWE Universal Title

Triple H Reportedly Wanted To Scrap The Universal Championship Belt

The WWE Universal Championship has been in circulation for 7 years at this point, and Roman Reigns has done a good job over the last few years to legitimize the prize, but it has been reported that Triple H had considered scrapping the Universal Championship after taking over creative control. 

A source reportedly told Fight Fans that Triple H was not a fan of the Universal Title, and had even debated on whether to get rid of it. Fight Fans later went on to give an exact quote from the source, “HHH suggested retiring the [Universal] Championship at one time; he really doesn’t like the title.”

The formerly retired “Big Gold” World Heavyweight Championship was thrown around as a possible replacement, though this idea was apparently nixed due to the otherwise consistent design of all other world titles in WWE. After reigning as World Heavyweight Champion several times, it is of little surprise that Triple H seemingly has a soft spot for this legendary title.

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Written by Andrew Kelly