Report: Triple H's Influence Missed From WWE Royal Rumble

The Game's absence was certainly felt backstage last weekend.

Triple H's absence was greatly felt at last weekend's WWE Royal Rumble, according to a report from PWInisder. Mike Johnson writes:

'Morale within the WWE locker room among talents was down following the Royal Rumble PPV, in great part due to the whirlwind of changes made to the Rumble matches in the days and hours leading up to the PPV.'

A key reason for this was apparently Triple H's absence, given the influence he is said to usually have at Royal Rumble events. Although not in charge of who wins, he often makes additions to the Rumble matches in order to highlight various wrestlers, and give individuals memorable moments in which to shine. 

This could go some way to explain why, in the eyes of man on social media, this year's Rumble matches felt comparatively pedestrian. 

Another key absence felt on Saturday was that of TJ Wilson (aka Tyson Kidd), a lead producer for the women's division who would have likely taken a lead role in mapping out the women's Royal Rumble.  

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