Report: Update On Lady Frost's IMPACT Wrestling Status

Lady Frost requested her IMPACT release this Summer

Lady Frost has not been seen on IMPACT TV since April 2022, and reportedly asked for her release from the company earlier this Summer.

However, a new report from Fightful Select suggests that things aren’t quite so simple, and Frost remains under contract with the company, with IMPACT denying her release request.

IMPACT sources informed Fightful that Frost’s release has not and will not be granted, with Frost reportedly under an exclusive ‘per appearance’ deal, meaning that if she is not used then IMPACT do not have to pay her. Indeed, when Frost first handed in her request, IMPACT reportedly asked her if she’d like to sit out the remainder of her contract, but that would mean Frost would not be paid by IMPACT for two years, and would likely be unable to wrestle for another televised wrestling promotion.

The report continues, suggesting issues between the two camps went sour after Frost was booked for TV tapings in Dallas in April, despite informing IMPACT that she’d need time off for medical reasons. After this, Frost alleges that IMPACT left her in the dark about her future, and was told she wouldn’t be used in the immediate future.

Frost has been open and made it clear to IMPACT that she wants to be released from her contract, allegedly making a request to IMPACT’s parent company Anthem, specifically President and CEO Leonard Asper.

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