Report: Update On The Revival Being Booked As Comedy Characters In WWE

They were recently in a Miracle On 34th Street match...

Back in May, The Revival refused to sign new contracts with WWE. They were then suddenly presented as comedy characters on Monday Night Raw.

In last week's Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer reported that WWE planned to turn Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder into a comedy tag team again.

On the December 20th episode of SmackDown, both Wilder and Dawson were used as comic relief as they faced Heavy Machinery in a Miracle On 34th Street match. The main angle in the match was Otis trying to protect a ham which was gifted to him earlier in the night by Mandy Rose. Dawson also suffered a body slam onto a pile of legos.

Paul Davis at WrestlingNews.co asked a source within WWE about why The Revival were suddenly being presented as comedy characters again. They told him it was because The Top Guys have refused to sign new contracts with the company and therefore Vince McMahon decided he was going to push them as a comedy tag team. The source also said that McMahon does not think The Revival are, "anything special" and is unconcerned about them leaving when their contracts expire.

The anonymous source in WWE said: "Vince expected them to sign new contracts by now and they haven't, so this is what he wants to do with them. He wants to lock people in months before their contracts expire and if they don't want to play ball then he's going to push them as comedy guys.

"(The Revival) grew up watching Mid-Atlantic Wrestling and they try to wrestle like the old school tag teams. Vince never watched any of that stuff. He didn't watch them in NXT either so he doesn't see anything special in them. Even if they sign new contracts, yeah they might get a nice push for a few months but he will get tired of them again and they will be in a similar spot as they are in now. Things would work out better for them if they were sent back to NXT."

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