Report: Update On Tyson Kidd's WWE Status

Wilson is one the lead producers for WWE's women's division

Amidst all the fallout of WWE’s Royal Rumble event last weekend, it has emerged that several performer’s contacted for the Women’s Rumble refused to perform when they learned that TJ Wilson (Tyson Kidd) would not be producing the match.

Fit Finlay took the lead on producing the match, and now a report from Sean Ross Sapp on the SRS Q&A podcast has shed some more light on Wilson’s WWE status:

“A few weeks ago I had heard that TJ Wilson had grown frustrated. The reason I didn’t run a story on this is because I had heard conflicting things from people that work with him, that are close with him, the company itself. So one person who told me the information said, ‘heard he wasn’t there, he didn’t show up, wasn’t happy with how things were going, and he’s no longer there.’ However, I follow up with WWE, I follow up with  people close to him and they say, ‘no, TJ is still with the company.’ A couple of weeks go by, he’s not listed on any of the internal producer’s lists. Now, Shane McMahon wasn’t listed as a producer either, but he helped produce the Royal Rumble, TJ Willson did not. To the point where there were women that were contacted for the Royal Rumble that said TJ isn’t doing it, I’m not doing it, and they brought in Fit Finlay.”

Sapp added that Wilson was not listed at this past Monday’s edition of Raw, with Sapp speculating that Wilson could just be taking some time off, as burnout amongst WWE producers is high. Dave Meltzer later confirmed in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that Wilson indeed asked for some time off, although Meltzer did not give a reason as to why.

H/T: WrestlingNews.co

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