Report: Update On WWE Cutbacks

Gerald Brisco was let go earlier today...

Earlier today, former road agent and booker Gerald Brisco revealed he had been released by WWE. Brisco had previously been furloughed by the company back on April 15.

After Brisco was let go, Mike Johnson of PWInsider reported his release was part of "another round of financial cutbacks" in the company. 

Johnson provided an update on the cutbacks soon after. He noted the releases have affected office staff at Titan Towers who were furloughed back in April but had not been brought back by the company. Some employees have returned to work over the past two months but those let go today were staff who had remained furloughed. 

The cutbacks were across all departments at Titan Towers. The live events and travel divisions were hit particularly hard, however, as WWE isn't currently able to tour because of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. 

If WWE will make any further cuts today remains to be seen, but Johnson also noted he is yet to hear about any talent being released. 

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