Report: Update On WWE No Longer Scouting Indie Talent

Some indie talent will still be evaluated

The days of WWE NXT being a super-indie are seemingly over as the black and gold brand will be used as just a developmental brand going forward and WWE plans to revamp the Tuesday night show with a new look and logo in the coming weeks. 

It also emerged last week that WWE would no longer be scouting independent wrestling talent and the company has reverted to signing future wrestlers based on looks as opposed to their ability inside the squared circle. With this in mind, WWE will be looking to hire more athletes and hold more tryouts. 

According to Mike Johnson of PWInsider, though, this isn't completely true. WWE reportedly aren't completely opposed to hiring indie wrestlers but higher-ups in the company believe WWE "swung too far in one direction on the pendulum." If an indie talent comes to WWE's attention or if someone is recommended, the organisation will still evaluate them. 

So, William Regal appearing on the balcony at independent wrestling shows isn't completely a thing of the past, but WWE is moving away from trying to sign top indie talent. 

Instead, there has been a push internally for WWE to sign larger athletes without a wrestling background, who the company can "mould like raw clay to become WWE stars." 

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