Report: Update On WWE's Next Return To Saudi Arabia

WWE will be heading back to Saudi Arabia later this year

Aside from during the pandemic era, WWE’s trips to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia have conventionally happened twice per year. WWE’s recent Night Of Champions event was the first of 2023, and a report has emerged from PWInsider Elite indicating when WWE will make the trip back overseas to the country. 

“WWE is tentatively slated to return to Saudi Arabia this November.   For those who have asked about rumours making the rounds today that the company would run in Saudi Arabia over Labour Day weekend, we are told that is not the case.”

This would fit in with last year’s schedule in which WWE’s Crown Jewel event took place at the start of November, though with WWE now not shying away from running conventional PPVs such as Elimination Chamber and Night Of Champions in Saudi Arabia, with other events such as Backlash and Money in the Bank taking place overseas too, there could well be a chance that WWE’s classic November show of Survivor Series could be hosted there.

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Written by Andrew Kelly