Report: Why AEW Is Moving To TBS In 2022 Revealed

A big change is on the way in 2022

All Elite Wrestling's future on TV received a big shake-up yesterday.

The promotion announced that a second TV show 'AEW: Rampage' will premiere later this year on Friday, August 13 at 10 pm ET on TNT. AEW programming will air on the station until the end of the year, but will then move over to TBS in 2022. TNT will still have some wrestling, though, and AEW will host four annual specials on the network. 

More details on the new TV deal have since emerged and Brett Weitz, general manager of TBS, TNT and truTV told the New York Post that TNT's deal with the NHL is one of the reasons AEW is moving to TBS. 

He said: "Both TBS and TNT have an incredibly storied history with wrestling, so the idea of us being able to put more AEW onto TBS is a natural fit. Did the NHL have anything to do with it? Sure. NHL had something to do with it. NBA had something to do with it, the COVID schedule, the ton of preemptions."

The NHL and Turner Sports signed a seven-year TV deal last month and regular-season, playoff and Stanley Cup Final games will air on TNT and TBS until the end of the 2027-28 season. 

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