Report: Why Donald Trump Hasn't Been Mentioned On WWE TV During His Presidency Revealed

Despite his relationship with the McMahon family

The McMahon family has maintained close ties to Donald Trump during the WWE Hall Of Famer's presidency. The family has been pictured inside the White House with the president, and Linda McMahon previously served in the Trump administration before leaving the role to chair America First Action, a pro-Trump Super PAC. 

Despite their close ties, the president has not been mentioned on WWE TV during his presidency. Dave Meltzer reported on Wrestling Observer Radio this is because WWE is aware that a lot of their audience dislikes Trump and they knew it would "do them no good" to mention him on TV or WWE.com.  

Meltzer said: "Ever since Trump got elected, they've tried to stay on the fence because they know their audience is very heavily skewed Mexican American and heavily skewed African American and lower-income. And a lot of their audience didn't like Trump, and even though they personally did, you know it was like, 'We never talk about Trump. Not on the website. Nothing. Never.' They never talk about Trump.

"That was a doctrine because they read the landscape. It would do them no good. They didn't want to rip him because Trump has a short fuse and would take it out on them, but they certainly didn't want to do anything to support him - even though they did go to the office and get all those pictures taken with him. But nothing on television and nothing on their website."

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