Report: Why Shane McMahon Is In Dallas For WWE WrestleMania Weekend Revealed

What will Shane McMahon be up to over WWE WrestleMania weekend?

After it emerged WWE were bringing in Shane McMahon for WrestleMania 38 weekend, many wondered if The Boy Wonder would be returning to WWE - only a few months after he was gone from the company. 

Fans seemingly don't need to be afraid of Shane being Seth Rollins' mystery opponent, though, as Dave Meltzer reported on Wrestling Observer Radio that higher-ups believe Shane is just going to be in Dallas for the 2022 WWE Hall Of Fame ceremony. 

"He was gonna go no matter what. He goes to the Hall of Fame every single Hall of Fame, he's always at the Hall of Fame. Of course he's gonna go with Vince inducting Undertaker. There's always a chance that Vince is kayfabing everyone and there's gonna be something, but from what I was told, and this was from actually multiple people who are pretty high on the food chain - and it's like, look, you never know 100 percent because it's wrestling and Vince can change everything - but as far as Shane McMahon on WrestleMania or something like that, on the creative team his name has not been spoken about since January." Meltzer said. 

"It's never been brought up, and they're under the impression that he's just going to the Hall of Fame, he's gonna hang out at WrestleMania like he does every single year, and it's a non-story, and people are making way too much of it."

Shane was originally scheduled for a match at WrestleMania 38, first against Seth Rollins and then Bobby Lashley but those plans were scrapped after he was out of the company following the Royal Rumble pay-per-view.

Shane had considerable heat in the company as a result of his role in producing the Men's Royal Rumble. McMahon was said to be confrontational backstage and focused on booking himself into a prime spot in the match but his ideas were shot down by Vince McMahon and this only added to disagreements with Brock Lesnar which left Shane frustrated and confrontational backstage.

This created confusion behind the scenes, with talent being told one thing by Shane before they received a different instruction from Vince McMahon, and contributed to the Men's Rumble being poorly received. 

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