Report: WWE Abandons Brock Lesnar Trademark Attempt

He apparently hasn't been under contract for months...

A report from Heel By Nature indicates that WWE has abandoned efforts to secure a trademark for the name "Brock Lesnar" for entertainment purposes.

The United States Patent and Trademark Office canceled a filing for the trademark last month after WWE did not comply with a request for documentation.

WWE filed the application on January 9 of this year, but the request was turned down March 12, as WWE had not provided written consent from Lesnar to move forward with this filing. WWE had six months to provide Lesnar's written consent, but failed to do so.

The application was officially abandoned on September 15. WWE has until December 2 to appeal the decision, but must also provide adequate reasoning as to why they took so long to properly comply with the documentation request.

Lesnar is reportedly not under contract with WWE as of this writing. He technically became a free agent at some indeterminate time after his WWE championship loss to Drew McIntyre at WrestleMania 36. In accordance with Lesnar not being under contract, WWE subsequently pulled all of his merchandise from their stores.

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