Report: WWE Backstage Morale Improves Greatly Following Vince McMahon's Retirement

WWE backstage reportedly feels different now Vince McMahon has gone

It’s certainly been a year of change and upheaval for WWE, with Vince McMahon stepping away from the company in the summer, and Triple H taking over creative as a result.

Whilst fans have been generally happy with the new direction of WWE under Triple H, it seems the wrestlers themselves are happy too, with a report from Fightful Select suggesting that morale backstage in WWE has improved significantly since McMahon’s exit.

Fightful’s sources say that the atmosphere is more relaxed now than under McMahon, with one source saying there "isn’t a perpetual fear of getting fried for things you can’t control." It was also reported that whilst it’s by no-means perfect - with some talent not used effectively - it is seen as better, with creative input from talents and the ability to improvise singled out as areas where work-life has improved.

Under McMahon, it seemed that even the slightest infraction of company policy could land talents in hot water, with McMahon notorious for changing his mind on the fly and booking on a whim. In his latter years in charge of WWE, there was growing discontent in areas of the locker room, with several talents requesting their release from the company.

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