Report: WWE Employees Blaming Vince McMahon For Change In Work Schedule

WWE Employees were recently ordered to return to the company's new HQ

WWE employees are blaming Vince McMahon for a recent change in their work schedules, according to a new report. 

It was recently revealed that all WWE employees had been ordered to report to the office full-time this coming Monday (after a period of where they were mostly working remotely) via an email sent by WWE President Nick Khan. 

Khan and Stephanie McMahon initially instituted the hybrid office/working-from-home model. WWE recently began the move from Titan Towers to their new headquarters in Stamford, Connecticut. 

PWInsider noted that the blame for this new edict was immediately attributed to the return of McMahon, though there's no way to 100% confirm whether it was his decision.

There was widespread negative reaction to the order, as some employees (particularly those with young children) would have had to configure new routines on short notice. Employees also found they were more productive while working from home at their own pace and didn't have to worry about office-related issues, relieving them of stress. Adding to that, there is the lingering threat that heavy cuts could be on the horizon due to the sale to Endeavor and merger with UFC.

Following the negative reaction, Nick Khan emailed WWE employees to inform them returning to the office had been pushed back to May 8, Brandon Thurston of Wrestlenomics reported. 

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