Report: WWE Has Considered Taking The Money In The Bank Briefcase Off Otis

Could we see a new Mr. Money In The Bank...

Since capturing the Money In The Bank briefcase on May 10, Otis has remained stuck in the SmackDown mid-card. The Master Of The Caterpillar briefly teamed with Braun Strowman after capturing the briefcase, but he has often been uninvolved on the blue brand. There was even a two month stretch in the summer where he didn't wrestle. 

Now, Mr. Money In The Bank finds himself embroiled in a feud with The Miz and John Morrison and he may well lose the briefcase on Friday following The A-Lister's civil lawsuit against him. 

According to WrestleVotes, WWE has considered taking the briefcase off Otis to help make the chase for a world title a prominent storyline again. The idea hasn't been approved, though, because Vince McMahon remains a big fan of the Heavy Machinery member. 

WrestleVotes wrote: "There have been multiple pitched ideas to remove the MITB briefcase from Otis & make the storyline a main focus again, some of which are really decent ideas I’ve been told. However, and this is a big however, Otis’ biggest fan is Vince. So right now, no go."

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