Report: WWE Hell In A Cell PPV Considered 'Completely Dead’

WWE are reportedly ending the Hell In A Cell PPV

Recent reports suggested that WWE are looking to shake-up their PPV events calendar moving forward, with less of an emphasis on ‘gimmick’ pay per views.

Out of all the WWE gimmick PPVs, the one that many long-time fans hold with disregard is Hell in a Cell, with the annual event seen as watering down what was once a rare and exciting stipulation match. However, a new report from GiveMeSport and WrestleVotes suggests that the days of the annual Hell in a Cell PPV may be over, with WWE considering the format ‘completely dead’.

“The show itself, I think is completely dead. That match, from what I understand means a lot to Hunter, just think of the classics that he's had in there. Roman Reigns and Jey [Uso] so they've been feuding for six weeks, they got to be there now because the calendar says so... That's not going to happen anymore,” said WrestleVotes.

It’s believed that Triple H wants to give the gimmick back some much needed prestige, and make it a deciding factor in a blood fuelled feud rather than just a calendar defined occurrence. This should come as little surprise, seeing as Triple H himself was involved in several high profile Hell in a Cell matches during the gimmick’s ‘golden years’, most notably his brutal war with Cactus Jack at No Way Out 2000.

Since the Hell in a Cell PPV debuted in 2009 there have been 35 Hell in a Cell matches (including several at non-Hell in a Cell PPVs), as opposed to just 16 for the 12 years prior to the inception of the Hell in a Cell PPV.

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