Report: WWE In Talks With 'Lots Of Cable Networks' Following Endeavor Deal

WWE reportedly discussing their network TV options following Endeavor deal

The recent pending acquisition of WWE by Endeavor has made the ‘sports entertainment’ behemoth an even more attractive prospect to broadcasters than ever before, with WWE set to be bolstered exponentially by significant financial and promotional resources due to the deal. 

For WWE, the deal couldn’t have come at a better time, with TV rights negotiations a topic of conversation, with WWE set to negotiate with USA Network and Fox before the expiration of their current deals in 2024. A report from PWInsider Elite suggests that there have been renewed discussions between WWE and ‘lots’ of cable networks about potential projects, although it has not been mentioned if these are in-ring projects or outside of the ring projects.

The report further states that WWE are looking to get even deeper market penetration for their brand following the proposed Endeavor deal, with WWE believed to be entertaining discussions for potential projects across as many cable networks as possible. As always cash is king, and if someone were willing to pay for brand exclusivity on their networks, then WWE would reportedly also entertain this idea.

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