Report: WWE Issuing 'Violations' For Third Party Social Media Posts

Sponsored social media posts are no longer permitted...

WWE is reportedly issuing its talent with 'violations' for any social media posts that name any third party business, sponsor, brand or person.

According to Wrestling Inc, WWE is claiming ownership of its talent's Twitter and Instagram accounts. There is a clause in each contract that grants WWE the exclusive use to each of their talent's likenesses, and it is through that clause that the promotion is claiming the rights to their social media profiles. 

The report claims that any 'violations' are first given a warning, then a fine, and finally suspension of the talent involved. 

Superstars and talent that have complained to WWE have also had it made clear that the current 'flexibility' permitted on their social medias could be retracted. 

This latest report on WWE claiming these rights comes after stories last year that Vince McMahon issued an edict that superstars could not use streaming services like Twitch.

A recent study from LoveUX revealed that WWE superstar Lana earned $625,922 off 59 sponsored posts in 2020, while Mandy Rose made an estimated $490,104 from 71 sponsored posts, showing the financial benefit to the talent involved.

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